Friday, June 18, 2010


What is this mess??? My sewing machine totally crapped out on me tonight, OK for real it was probably user error!!! I am still trying to finish up my sewing project for my friends baby shower. Tonight the hubby is out and the kids are asleep so its a perfect time to wrap this up, or so I thought. I get my machine all ready, type in the letters and let it do its magic. While I am waiting for the embroidery to be done I start trimming up the backing of another little gift I made, the next thing I know my machine starts to sound like a jack hammer. I snap out of my daze and realize that my embroidery hoop has slipped off of the material and now it is sewing like it's on crack, not just any crack the serious stuff as you can tell by my picture!!! No big deal right, one little hand made gift down the drain. Not so much see these are going to be a set of 6 but I already messed another one up the other night so I thought hey a set of 5 isn't bad. NOW A SET OF 4, I can't live with that. I am going to have to go buy more supplies and make it right before next weekend. Moral of the story, don't let your sewing machine do drugs, or make sure you put the embroidery hoop on correctly before you start sewing!

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