Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready to Race!

The Race for the Cure is tomorrow and I am mentally prepping myself to get up at the crack of dawn with my son and head to the metro link where my co-workers will be there half awake as well waiting for the ride to down town.

I try to do the Race for the Cure every year if I can and last year was the first year I took my son. It was really great to be there with him and even though he is only five I think it had a memorable impact on him.

I almost wasn't going to go this year because June is absolutely insane for us but last minute I decided I couldn't miss it and Quinten was completely stoked when I asked him if he wanted to get up super early with me and by super early I mean earlier than we get up for school. But he was all shaking his fist in the air with excitement and so tomorrow we will spend the morning walking for a great cause!

This year is going to be especially touching for me, you see my uncle died in April from cancer. He had been fighting it for a few years and we all saw him deteriorate, only on the outside though. My uncle was one of the strongest men I have ever met. A few days before he died he was told the only way he could live was to go on life support, Glen did not want that and he was in too much pain. He called all of his family to the hospital and we said our last words to him while he was still alive.

I have never said goodbye to someone who was still alive and I don't know that I did a very good job either. I mostly stood there and soaked in his bravery and honored the moments he had left. What a way to go, to be able to literally tell your loved ones your last words when you know time is so short. That experience amazed me.

Glen tomorrow I walk for you and our family... We miss you and love you...

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