Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So the weekend... Part One

So this weekend was not like our average couple of days off between the work week. Friday night started out with a bang, and by a bang I mean I was puking by 2am, now let me clarify that I DO NOT DRINK MUCH! So we got a babysitter for the evening and hung out at our friend Cory's house. Typically this would be a night of Texas Holdem however we all decided to play a drinking game that we have not played in years. Apparently I do not pace myself well, hence the I don't drink often part. At any rate after several rounds  I stretched out on the couch, tried the bread, crackers and water method. That didn't work. Next thing I know someone goes in the bathroom and I have to throw up! Oh man what do I do now puke on the floor, under the couch? Quick I need to find a bucket or something!!! I made it to the front yard and that was as good as I could do. Several minutes later and I felt a lot better. So we left picked up a pizza from Elicia's I ate a little and passed out. How my  husband got me off the couch I still haven't figured out!

The next day we had a wedding, my husbands cousin was getting married. Oh man the look on the grooms face when his bride was coming down the isle was priceless. He was almost in tears, its so fun to watch young love :) Here is a picture the adorable couple.

It was so awesome too because they really thought about how many kids are in the family. Robs aunt had a baby sitter for the wedding. Yes let me repeat that because it is amazing, a baby sitter for during the wedding! That was great because I was a little terrified that my daughter would have an outburst during the I Do's. At the reception the bride had made these cute little wedding day coloring books for each kid and had a box of crayons for all the little gals and guys, that's cool shes gonna be a good mom when that day come! Anyway it was a great day and really nice to see a sweet couple come together forever!

It's getting late so tomorrow the weekend part two!

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