Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So Rob, my husband recently got a new vehicle and had to get the plates and do all that fun registration stuff. The story of his experience is just too funny not to tell so here it is!

Rob calls me on my way to work all excited because he can get everything he needs to get done at our local DMV which is about 5 seconds from our house. In fact as he was calling me he was getting a breakfast sandwich at McDonald's and heading across the street to park and wait for the DMV to open. His exact statement was "I am going to get all of this done so fast, I am already here and I will be the first person in when they open the doors!" I probably should have reminded him not to count his chickens before they hatch...

I remind my husband that he forgot to pay his personal property tax at the beginning of the year and he doesn't have the bill with him so I am pretty sure he will have to go to City Hall to do that. "No, I can get everything done right here." OK babe call me when your done.

Not to long after that I get another phone call and in a frustrated tone Rob ask "Is our zip code in the City or the County?" Now most people would probably know this but our house is right on the property line of the city and the county so its pretty weird, our back yard is county and our front yard is city. We actually have a county zip code but are considered city. Confused yet? See why he asked! So I reply "Oh you have to go to City Hall huh???" I didn't but should have asked "So I was right HUH???" but I could tell he was aggravated so I didn't push the envelope.

Call # 3 is ringing in and who do you think it is? My husband, he is at City Hall he has paid his personal property tax and is at the DMV counter. Picture this: A woman holding license plates for a new vehicle, a man ready to be done with registering his car, the total is given it comes to $85.13, the man pulls out his cash and there is only $83.00.

No big deal right he can use his credit card, oh wait he doesn't have it on him. Well there is the check book, oh yeah that's at home. OK so he tells the woman he is going to go to the ATM to hold onto the plates for a minute. This is the point where I get the call, the call where he tells me he can not remember his code to his ATM card!!!! HAAAAA

Now in my husbands defense we did just get new cards mailed to us about a month ago and neither of us have had time to go by the bank and change our pin number to something we will remember. So I tell Rob to go look for change in his car and call me back. Call # 4 is to tell me he only had $1.13 in change in his car so he is still short a measly dollar!

My suggestion to end this agony, leave city hall with all your paperwork, go to the bank and get money out then finish up at the DMV by our house. Do you think he listens to me, do you think he wants the agony to end???? NOPE!

Call # 5, the lady at the DMV counter gave him a dollar, that is very nice and surprising. So he is all done and I am happy for him but I have to ask one question "Ummm babe, how are you going to pay to GET OUT OF THE PARKING LOT????"

No it HITS THE FAN! I suggested to beg the person at the booth to let him through, send him a bill for the $2.00 it cost to get out of the lot and call me back.

Apparently the lady at the booth did not look like the forgiving type so rather than attempt to beg his way out he stood in the lot and begged for $2.00! Fifty cents at a time and four people later he was finally able to end a nightmarish morning.

The moral of the story: Think like a woman and be prepared for any and all obstacles!

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