Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So the Weekend... Part Two

Before continuing on with my weekend have you ever noticed that bumper stickers speak the truth sometimes? I notice this often actually. So today I had to go to my moms and while I was there my sister and I had a little tiff, it was pretty dumb actually however I was still a little worked up when the kids and I left the house. I drive about a block and right there in my face on the back of an SUV are the words "THINK GOOD THOUGHTS" I was like OK universe what are you trying to tell me, let go of the family drama and move on with my night...

OK had to get that out now for Sunday and Monday. On Sunday we mostly relaxed, after the wedding Quinten was running a fever and although it was gone on Sunday I didn't want to over exert him. My husband went out and bought a new American flag for our house, why you ask was our other one ripped, broke tore? Nope the other one is in perfect condition but it was missing the clamps so rather than buy clamps my husband bought a WHOLE NEW FLAG! "It was on sale only $10, remember how much I paid for the other one because its an all weather flag" he said. So he bought a new flag just to get the clamps off of it and put the same one we had back on our house. Then there was a whole debacle over whether or not we should post up two flags. Here are some pictures of the flag fun :) I love the one of Chewy, he looks drunk!

After the flag drama we went out and purchased a fire pit. Rob has been wanting one for a while and now we have one. That night we had our neighbors and their two kids over to roast marsh mellows and make somre's. This next picture was just too hilarious not to share. (I think this could be called Sugar Overload!)

That pretty much closed out our Sunday. Memorial day we barbecued with our neighbors. They went out and got a slip n slide for the kids to play on while we cooked. So there was lots of shopping for food, cooking the food, setting up tables and tents to eat under then what happens the storm moves in. Here come the black clouds the tent is starting to sway in a manner that says I will not protect your food so you better move your butts inside. We hustled to move all the food, tables, kids and parents across the street to my house. We did it and then it poured. The food was great, my neighbor really knows how to season a steak YUM!

So finally we closed out Memorial day with another game I have not played in a long time, beer pong :) We did it very redneck style, moved a table into the front yard and started pouring the beer! We had several rounds and might I add the girls won most of them or so it seemed until the last two games. The final score was 4 to 4. It was pretty hysterical what happens when you play beer pong in your front yard, the advantages are no beer gets spilled in your house. However their were some pretty odd characters passing by. Let's see we had a couple cars roll down our street shouting "Hell Yeah" another group of about 10 people I have never seen in our neighborhood walked by and looked at us like they were watching the Twilight Zone or something. The best was our newest neighbor though, we don't know much about her yet but she drove by and slurred out the words "Is that there what they call that beer pong?" CLASSIC! LMAO!!! 

A few more pictures of the kids for you!

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