Saturday, June 12, 2010

This was a small fraction of the scene down town today as we stood waiting for our team picture to be taken at the Race for the Cure.

Quinten and I woke up at 5:30am this morning threw on our clothes and headed out the door. After a quick stop to get water and a few snacks we were at the Metro link station waiting for my coworkers. I soon found out that I was at the wrong station but it didn't really matter, we got on and met them there. As I rode on the Metro link it was so awesome to see all of the supporters and survivors pile into the train. A few stops in some young girls hopped on with home made shirts that read "Save the Tatas", "I love Boobies" and my favorite "Save Second Base".

Quinten and I walked the 1 mile fun walk. I know you can't really understand from this picture but the sea of people walking was AMAZING!

There was even a turtle in the walk!

I was on Team Bread head, a local radio DJ. He was talking about how awesome breast cancer survivors are and stated "If breast cancer survivors were in charge of fixing the oil spill in the Gulf they would have had that hole plugged up in 36 hours!" oh yeah!!!

Here are a few pictures of us:

I think the sun really got to me today though, I was soooooo hot I felt like I was going to pass out. I felt really sick when I got home and all I could think about was a cold shower. I was so out of it in fact that after the cold shower I walked out on my porch and realized I had locked my car and it was still running. Thank GOD for a spare key!!!

It was a great morning, its always such a moving and emotional event for me to be a part of and I love that Quinten loves to go with me. I have done absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but relax. And now I am off to have some quiet time with the hubby!


  1. That is really awesome Melissa! Mary has gone every year since we had started dating until this year. She didn't want to leave Kayleigh and she thought it would be to hot to take her. I have an I heart boobies T Shirt Mary got me a couple years ago and everytime I wear it I get dirty looks and don't really understand why. I'd like to have a "save 2nd base" shirt that is awesome!

  2. This is great! made me cry! I am just feeling emotional right now! lol love you sis.