Monday, June 7, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sunday I finally decided to stop being lazy and go harvest the lettuce in my garden. I had a TON as you can see. It so exciting to eat food from your own back yard. I don't know why but I get such great satisfaction from growing veggies in and eating them out of my little corner of the world. The kids  really like it too, in fact Quinten told me the other day he was going to have a huge garden when he grows up. I asked him what was going to be in it and he named every fruit imaginable and one lone vegetable, corn. Its the only kind the kid eats...

I was able to split up the lettuce in a few bags and share some with the neighbors which felt nice since they are always lending out a spare egg or something if i need it. (Mom when your read this don't get mad because I didn't send any lettuce your way, I'm saving some tomatoes for you!) The kids even helped me clean it which was a pretty fun process. Since sibling rivalry is at a peak in our house I had to enforce strict turn taking rules when it came to washing the lettuce, in the end it was pretty neat to watch them get so involved.

Later that night my husband barbecued and I made a side of deviled eggs and corn bread muffins to accompany our meat. I added a few black olives and some fresh chives from my friends back yard garden, oh man don't these look YUM!

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