Monday, May 24, 2010


So a turtle update, we never found Cheezy :( That really sucks! I was sooooo sad last night, OK for real I was crying over a turtle! That may sound dumb but we've had this little guy for almost 2 years and I am just really bummed. If he ran off on his own that's fine at least I know its what he wanted I am just worried that some little kid grabbed him up and hes off somewhere not being taken care of. Quintens really broken up about it too. He has been crying off and on since last night which breaks my heart. I am such a softy I want to cry with him but I contain my self because I know it wont help him any. Boo no more turtle.

So besides loosing one of the slowest creatures in the world this weekend I decide to try and make some Cake Pops from Bakerella now keep in mind, these do not look like hers do because I was trying to do this with the kids and the process generally takes a few hours of refrigeration and cooling. I rushed it so mine fell apart a little but they were DELICIOUS! Wow the kids had a great time making them, they were really fun to make. Now it does take time because you have to bake a cake, let it cool completely, mix in some cream cheese frosting, roll up your little cake balls then for the funnest part dip them in chocolate and back in the fridge they go. I could totally see how these could work if you take the time. We didn't start until around 7pm so I was already pushing for time. Anyway they were great, what a fun and yummy treat. Check out the web site, she has a book coming out this fall, cant wait to get my own copy :)

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