Wednesday, May 26, 2010

After A Storm...

Driving home tonight was insane. I drive about 8 miles to my sitters house and then another 25 to work. I know boo hoo some people drive an hour or more, but still traffic in St. Louis is crazy because no one knows how to drive when the sun is out and if its sprinkling HOLD THE PHONES people the world is over, rain is falling. So anyway I only had about 6 miles to go and what (hold that thought the cat is throwing up... OK I am back now, I just gave my cat some can food and well he likes to gorge himself so he pukes up everything he just ate and then proceeds to eat more! Can cats be bulimic?)

Where was I oh 6 miles to go and what happens a freakin TORRENTIAL DOWN POUR. Traffic stopped and my joyful drive was over. Now it was raining pretty bad, I couldn't see the lines very well so I could appreciate the stopping traffic. However it took forever to get to my sitters house because I was driving at turtle speed.

So I get home with the kids and the rain hasn't reached our house yet so the kids get about 10 minutes of trampoline time and here comes the down pour again. So much for outdoor play today. Then we had dinner, painted a bit and my husband came home. I went on our front porch for a break and this is what I saw:
The most beautiful and vibrant rainbow I have ever seen in my life. It was actually a double rainbow but the top one was too light to fully catch with my camera. The brightest of the two rainbows had like 7 distinct layers of color, I have never seen this usually they look like 3 colors running into each other. Not this one, this one was defined with individual popping colors. I yelled for the kids and my husband and we all sat in amazement at the sight of nature at its finest in front of us. This photo doesn't really capture the beauty of this, and instantly my kids were all "Dad, can you go get us a pot of gold?" Don't we all wish he could.

What a perfect ending to a crappy drive home. But life is like that isn't it, peace then down pours and finally something so stunning you cant believe its real!

Hope you found your rainbow today...

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  1. Beautiful! Man, I cracked up and snorted about the bulimic cat thing! lol You are silly sis.