Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am super sad right now :( My turtle is missing! Today we took him outsid to play in the front garden and he has had such a great day. He ate 6 worms the kids fed him and he has played all in my flowers. He got a little hot so he climbed on our porch for some shade, I brought him out a dish of water to wade in and he stayed there for a while. I have been checking on him every half hour and the last time I went out he was GONE! We have looked everywhere. Now this turtle was completly content outside all day today and yesterday, I know he didn't just run away. Oh boy the kids are about to wake up soon, how am I going to break it to them? I hope we find Cheezy, it really sucks too because we were just putting together a plan to build him a big outdoor home with all the fixins. I am such a mom, I am going to be worried sick about this turtle...

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