Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A side of TOOTH please!

Did you know you could be chewing dinner and a piece of your tooth can break off and you can then swallow it? Well its true cause it happened to me last night. I was eating a burger made by my husband (he is generally the cook at our house) and I bit down and there was a sudden sensation of pain in my tooth at which point I went to review the situation in the mirror and realized HALF MY TOOTH WAS GONE, yes that's correct g-o-n-e.  So let me mention this is really my fault, I had a filling fall out a few weeks ago (in this very same tooth) and haven't made time to get it refilled. Well I will never do that again now that teeth are falling out just from eating a hamburger. I feel like I am an old lady or something!

So this morning was CRAZY, my sitter was sick so I dragged my daughter with me to the dentist which luckily is in the same building that my mom works. Soooo my mom kept her while I was poked and prodded at. The good part my dentist is pretty amazing and she was able to do some drilling and fill the tooth rather than having to pull it or crown it. The filling is kind of weird because the inner part of my tooth is gone so its like a little slope in my mouth on one side and a normal tooth on the other side. Here is the tooth with the filling (before it fell out)

Now here's the after picture with a new filling and its a white one rather than silver...

The bad news is my dentist gets a little to close for comfort when she's working in your mouth I thought her boobs were going to smother my cheek and hello I would really like to close my mouth after 20 minutes of drilling. Shouldn't this be a cardinal rule for dentist??? Dentist let your patients close there mouth please!

So the rest of the day is going well, I am sore and I have a head ache but other wise its been nice to be home with Hailey. Here she is watching her favorite movie Coraline.

Have a great day and try not to swallow any teeth!

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