Friday, May 21, 2010


Seriously! This is a crisis in my home, I know I have three dogs but WHY I ask WHY DO I VACUUM DAILY and THIS is what I come home to MORE DOG HAIR. Can dogs really shed this much? I just don't understand. And why does the hair roll up into a little ball and make its way across my floor like some sort of tumbleweed? I bet I could build a small person out of the hair I collect in a week. Do you know how many vacuums have been destroyed trying to manage this mess of hair. It's redonculous, its unmanageable, can I donate this to some sort of good cause because I could come up with an endless supply! Oh well I guess I better quit complaining and go vacuum....


  1. you are redonculous but I love you!

  2. I truely understand, my cat's hair floats! Close to impossible to catch! Really? How frusterating!