Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hello all of blog land, yes I am still alive and I am sorry once again that it has been months since I posted. I will be posting more regularly so start checking the site out. For Christmas we got my son a science experiment kit, the picture above is all of our ingredient for building a mini volcano!

Isn't life like a science experiment sometimes, you mix a bunch of different stuff together and you never really know what is going to come out? I love this next picture, it is the result or our exploding volcano... A beautiful swirl of colors. I wish I could have captured it better this image just doesn't do it justice! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Days!

It has been an amazing journey the last few weeks watching my children grow and adapt to the school environment. It has also kept me very busy with more schedules to keep up with than I can manage! I didn't realize what an emotional venture this would be either. From my daughter coming home singing "Acrobat & Alligator A says Ahhh" to my son telling me how he learned about Jesus dying on the cross for us and his feelings in relation to that to my son getting in trouble at school in his attempts to test his new teacher. What a journey this last few weeks has been, one that I am loving! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The cutest hospital gowns I have ever seen!

We had to get two school physicals this year! They were all smiles before the shots... (Oh did I just say that awful word that strikes fear into the heart of all children?) Yes I did, and let me tell you that day shot fear into my heart as well. I don't know how I managed to hold Haily screaming to the top of her longs while trying to pull Quinten out from under a chair while he has a death grip on the legs of the chair. The whole time Quinten is screaming "I DON'T WANT SHOTS I DON'T WANT SHOTS I DON'T WANT SHOTS!!!!"

Whew that was a fun one, wish I had taken an after picture!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hailey's Dress

This month is all about Hailey, her birthday is Monday and her party is next weekend. I have been scrambling all month to get everything ready for her big day. She is going to be 3 this year, I can't believe it. I could not stop looking at her today, she looks bigger more grown up. Life goes by too fast, it's sad because we don't even appreciate it all the time. In my heart I desire, or more so I long for a way to appreciate everything about life. A way to enjoy every single moment, every breath, every heartbeat. Life can be so stressful. I have definitely learned that over the last few years. The last month has been crazy, as you can see I haven't wrote in a while :(

Isn't there a way to get beyond the heart ache life brings and just look past it. I want to look past it instantly. Tonight I had a movie night with the kids, it was great we watched a Veggie Tales movie, Dave & The Giant Pickle. It's the story of David and Goliath from the Bible. We also watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, the Johnny Depp version. (I still prefer the original) Anyway we had movie snacks and snuggles it was a great time. Afterwards I took the kids upstairs for bed, suddenly Quinten turned into a very unappreciative and rude kid. It rubbed me the wrong way and I snapped at him. After put Hailey to bed I went in and had a talk with him, a good mom and son talk. A talk that was patient and I explained why he shouldn't have done what he did. In that moment I thought to myself, wow this is such a great way to discuss this with Quinten why couldn't I have done that in the first place, why couldn't I instantly look past the frustration??? I still don't have the answer to that question but it is what I want to achieve...

Speaking of Veggie Tales, follow the links to PART 1 and then PART 2 of A Snoodle's Tale. I absolutely LOVE this episode. Each part is only 7 minutes long and you have to watch both of them. Every time I see this it makes me cry, it touches my heart in a way I can't explain. I guess it makes me think about how many kids feel the way this little snoodle feels and about how God really sees us. Anyway its a fantastic little show with some valuable life lessons.

So I know my title was Hailey's dress so I guess I better explain that... Part of the reason I have been so busy is because I am making a lot stuff for Hailey's birthday party. I made this. The pattern is by Pink Fig and I have had it and all of the material laying around for 2 birthdays now, but I finally did it!!! I am so proud of myself for making this dress, it was A LOT of sewing and using new techniques I had never done before. It looks so great! Here is Hailey trying on the dress and the bows I made her.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


What a little princess! This was Hailey at my moms over the weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Oh blog, how I have missed you!!! I have been so busy with the holiday and being on vacation I haven't had a moment to blog :(

As promised here are the burp cloths I made for my friends baby shower. I just love the Twilight shirt! Speaking of Twilight I got to do the triple play Twilight viewing with some friends on the opening night of Eclipse. We saw all three movies back to back in the theater! Almost 8 hours of Edward Cullen... Ohhhhh what more can I say!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Busy...

Hi blog! I have been super busy reorganizing lately which explains why I have had not time to blog! My  friends baby shower was this weekend too so I will post pictures very soon of the cute creations I made her!!! Hope you are all staying cool this hot hot weekend!